Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walgreens Loot

I've never shopped at Walgreens for nail polish. Isn't that ridiculous?!

After picking up a much needed mocha at the local starbucks(and hopefully my soon to be employer!), I decided to browse through the racks at Walgreens. Cha-ching ladies, I found BLING! Jesse's Girl in Glee and Confetti are both gorgeous and a beautiful example of an affordable duo-chrome at just $2.99 each. I also came across a full display of holographic nail color($3.99) in four different shades; Blaster, Space Silver, Way Out Fuscia, and Beyond Opal. I went with Beyond Opal as I was afraid to invest in holo's that wouldn't be holo enough.

Index and middle finger are one coat of Glee over white(index) and black(middle) polish.

Ring finger and pinky are one coat of Confetti over white(ring) and black(pinky) polish.

Index and middle finger are one coat of Beyond Opal over OPI Black Onyx while ring finger and pinky are one coat of Beyond Opal over Sally Hansen White On. Unfortunately I was losing sunlight and paying way too much attention to the bottle instead of my last two fingers. The effect is lost in the photo, but definitely not in person. Over white nail polish you get more of a pearly iridescent finish as opposed to the shimmer over black.

While Beyond Opal goes on smoothly and evenly distributed it is NOT the holo I hoped it would be. Good thing I only purchased the one.

I hope I did these polishes some justice and next time I'll try to get my hands on a real camera!

First Blog and New Melmer

I've finally succumbed and decided to start a blog revolving around nail polish and nail art; very original :)

My name is Stephanie (Paige<---middle name) and after recently losing my job(6 years at Borders Bookstore) I've had tons of time on my hands. As a lifetime nail biter, I never thought I'd own more than a few nail polishes and up until a few months ago this was true, but I stopped that nasty habit and became addicted to painting my nails. Just look at my first melmer...I may need another one soon enough!

Next blog entry will actually have swatches!
Thanks for reading :)

-Polished Paige