Sunday, January 1, 2012

New NP Project!

Its been a few months since I've blogged, but I've intentionally been quiet in order to begin this new lengthy project.

I bought a mega haul of 640 polishes from a generous woman in Nevada in early December(Thank you kind soul!) and now I have three Melmers full of nail polish that are waiting to be used. I've decided to show you a different color everyday until I've gone through my entire collection! Nuts, I know :) Although most of them are randoms, this was a blessing in disguise as I found most of the original OPI DS collection and some other random HTF's.

I hope you all stick around and join me!

First up for January 1, 2012 is DS Signature <3

Mega Haul

My nephew helped me sort through the different brands. Actually, he played sick from school and I forced him to help. Now he'll never play sick again... 

DS Signature in the shade

DS Signature in the sun via my living room window

Another DS Signature sun photo

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  1. Omg, why don't I meet generous women like that?